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Sindh TV Frequency on Paksat 1R/MM 1@38°E 2021

Sindh TV New Frequency Update 2021

Sindh TV (trademarked Sindh TV) or Sindh Television is a Sindhi television channel. Sindh TV is a Sindhi-based satellite channel. It covers news and current affairs, airing 24-hour news and current affair programs.

Sindh TV Frequency on Paksat 1R/MM 1@38°E 2021

Channel Name : Sindh TV
Satellite : Paksat 1R/MM 1@38°E
Freq : 3761
Polarization : V
Symbol Rate : 2900
Fec : 5/6
System : DVB-S2/8PSK MPEG-4
Update : 2021

The channel was established in October 2004 and owned by Karim Rajpar and Ajeet Kumar Ahuja, Dolphin Media House. It began test transmission in October 2004, with regular transmission beginning that month. Its documentary staff includes journalists Ishaq Manghrio, Imdad Soomro, Hassan Dars, Buxan Mahranvi and Atta Rajar, the 1st Editor Imran Sarang Soomro who produced works on mountains, archaeological sites, forts, rivers, lakes and indigenous communities.

Few months later in 2005 Sindh Tv started news bulletins from 5 pm to 10 pm after every hour. Abdul Razzaque Sarohi was news Director and Aamir Rasool Sheikh was first news editor who produced news Political, International, Sport, Entertainment, Sindh and many others.

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