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Eir Sport New Frequency 2021

Eir Sport New Frequency 2021 on Astra 2G at 28.2°E

Eir Sport (stylised as eir Sport; formerly Setanta Sports) is a group of Irish television sports channels operated by Eircom Sport Limited, a subsidiary of Eir.[1] In December 2015, Eir purchased original Setanta Sports operations in the Republic of Ireland,[2] which the company rebranded as Eir Sport on 5 July 2016.

Eir Sport New Frequency 2021

Channel : Eir Sport
Satellite : Astra 2G at 28.2°E
Frequency : 11597 V 22000
System : DVB-S MPEG-4 HD
Update : 2021

In the wake of the financial difficulties[which?] of Setanta GB, it was reported in June 2009 by RTÉ News that the original Setanta Sports channel, Setanta Ireland, might be bought out by an existing consortium who already hold interests in Setanta Sport Holdings Ltd., the Irish arm of Setanta Sports. Setanta Sports Ireland and Setanta Sports North America were the only brands which made a profit in 2008.

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