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Digi Sport New Frequency 2021

Digi Sport New Frequency 2021 on Thor 5 at 0.8°W

DIGI Sport 1/2/3/4 sunt televiziuni ale consorțiului RCS & RDS[2]. Emisia televiziunii a început pe data de 23 iulie 2009, odată cu emisia partidei de fotbal Újpest FC – Steaua , de la ora 20:45. În aceeași dată s-a lansat și a doua versiune a canalului, DIGI Sport Plus.

Digi Sport New Frequency 2021

Channel : Digi Sport
Satellite : Thor 5 at 0.8°W
Frequency : 11862 H 28000
System : DVB-S MPEG-2
Update : 2021

Thor 5, also known as Thor 2R is a Norwegian communications satellite. It was successfully launched for Telenor atop an International Launch Services Proton-M/Briz-M carrier rocket, at 11:34 GMT on 11 February 2008. It is based on the STAR-2 satellite bus, and was constructed by Orbital Sciences Corporation. Wikipedia

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