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Conciencia TV New Frequency 2021

Conciencia TV New Frequency 2021

Conciencia TV Today New Frequency on 2021 on Intelsat 35e at 34.5°W

Channel : Conciencia TV
Satellite : Intelsat 35e at 34.5°W
Frequency : 11110 V 30000
System : DVB-S2 8PSK
Update : 2021

ConCiencia TV is a Venezuelan television channel focused on the science of the Venezuelan State . 1 Includes series for children and adults, as well as documentaries.

It began on April 12, 2013, initially through the open digital television system in a trial period through channel 24.04 and DirecTV through channel 109. The opening ceremony was held in the public square (Museum Square) from Caracas. Its main promoter is the Ministry of Popular Power for Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI). 2

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