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City 41 News Frequency on Paksat 1R/MM 1@38°E 2021

City 41 News New Frequency Update 2021

City 41 is a Faisalabad-based news channel which news and information about latest happenings and events in the city of Faisalabad in Punjab, Pakistan.

City 41 News Frequency on Paksat 1R/MM 1@38°E 2021

Channel Name : City 41
Satellite : Paksat 1R/MM 1@38°E
Freq : 3770
Polarization : V
Symbol Rate : 3770
Fec : 3/4
System : DVB-S2/8PSK MPEG-4
Update : 2021

The channel contains a variety of programs in Urdu and English which span from current affairs to general infotainment. City 41 also Faisalabad Region news which include Jhang District, Chiniot District, and Toba Tek Singh District. City41 caters to the needs of over 15 million citizens of Faisalabad Division. It is the first city specific channel for the residents of this division. By introducing a local news channel, City41 is able to highlight and bring to the forefront local politics, administration and news stories from this division.

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