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All Biss Key Channels Updates 2021 on Paksat 1R at 38.0°E

All Biss Key Channels Updates 2021 on Paksat 1R at 38.0°E

Ptv sports latest biss key serial code update frequency Paksat 38 E Digital. The modified new biss key linked networks of PTV.

All Paksat Biss Keys Channels Updates Logo

The Sports activities on Paksat 38°E. Sports Biss Key and Ptv sports channel live frequency key update here.

Channel Name Freq Pol S. Rate SID Biss Key
A Plus Europe 4120 V 2140 0001 F6E5D4AFC3B2A116
PTV Sports 4005 V 155585 0004 Not Available
Dunya TV 4135 V 2222 0001 F8B2FEA831DE6978
Geo Super 4105 V 2310 000B Not Available
Geo ME 4105 V 2310 000B 308410C476BEC9FD
Filmazia 3818 V 6200 0001 Not Available

The biss keys of some channels are listed as not available. These channels are available through biss keys some times ago. The list will be updated as biss keys are available for these channels. As new scrambled channels biss keys are available we will update the list. So keep visiting the page to stay updated about latest biss keys of Paksat.

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